Fran-gi-pan-i [fran-juh-pan-ee]

A truly romantic flower, it is thought to restore inner peace and harmony.

Vitamins for Healthy Skin


Hannah Do over at Thank Your Skin has some pretty great information about how to take care of your skin. She explains things in a simple manner with lots of graphics to help make it all clear and easy. 

Among my favorite is this one on "10 Powerful Vitamins for Younger Looking Skin". 

10 Vitamings for Younger Looking Skin

We all know our skin is our biggest organ and what we put in our mouth eventually affects our skin. If I drink wine, I am immediately flushed from my neck to my forehead. If I eat too many eggs in a week, I am sure to have a breakout. So, check out this list of the best vitamins with food recommendations for keeping your skin healthy and younger looking!

Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 3

We have followed Maura through  Part 1 and Part 2 of her transition from harsh chemical skin care to natural products and it is time for the conclusion and some helpful tips to make your own transition! At 12 weeks of using Frangipani, Maura was using the Protective Serum at night and the Acne Serum during the day. [...]

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Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 2

As a reminder, I met Maura while doing a demo at a local health food store. She was skeptical at first but we had a long conversation about how Frangipani could help her skin. She wanted all of her products to be completely safe. She wanted them to clear up her adult acne problems. She wanted [...]

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Customers Love the Body Oils!

Our customers can't say enough about our Grapefruit Body Oil and Lavender Body Oil!

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Did You Know? - Frangipani Ingredients!

Frangipani ingredients are simply the best!

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In the Frangipani Kitchen!

Oh! What possible new Frangipani product could this be?

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Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 1

I met Maura while doing a demo at a local health food store. I offered to let her try some Frangipani but she initially declined. I watched her browse the department and knew she was a diligent body care buyer when I saw her checking every product ingredient on her phone. I knew she was using the EWG Skin [...]

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Frangipani on Indy Style

Frangipani had a segment on Indy Style, the local Indianapolis morning show. Watch it here!

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Frangipani Featured in 2012 Beauty with a Conscience Awards

Frangipani's Refreshing Face Wash was featured under Best Face Wash/Cleanser category in the 2012 Natural Solutions Magazine Beauty with a Conscience Awards. See it here!

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